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Agent “Santa” 47 Comes to Town in HITMAN 2

A Santa Claus standing on a staircase, clad in a Santa Claus outfit.

This holiday season, we’re bringing the Holiday Hoarders mission into HITMAN 2 – and making sure that all players can access it by making the Paris Legacy location free to download for a limited time, from December 18 to January 8.

If you already own HITMAN 2, you’ll be able to play Holiday Hoarders immediately after downloading the December Update. If you’re a new player, look for “HITMAN 2 – Holiday Hoarders” in the store at 2pm UTC on consoles or 6pm UTC on PC.

HITMAN 2 - Santa 47

Holiday Hoarders adds a festive feeling to the Paris Legacy location by adding snow cannons, decorations and presents that can be unwrapped. Your objective is to eliminate two thieves who have managed to gain entrance to the Sanguine Fashion Show and are stealing various items. We’ve also included some brand new items this year, including Explosive Snowballs and Holiday Shuriken, which are guaranteed to spread the holiday cheer!

The ‘Secret Santa’ Challenge Pack will allow you to unlock the glorious Santa 47 suit as a permanent addition to your inventory – but you’ll need to complete all of the challenges to get it!