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Alliance Alive HD Remastered - team

Alliance Alive HD Remastered Gameplay Trailer

To unite the realms and return the sky from eternal darkness, you've got to harness everything you've got! In The Alliance Alive HD Remastered, skills and bonds are challenged when overthrowing the Daemons. 

The latest Gameplay Trailer highlights components for success in battle and the greater journey that lies ahead. Below are three critical features in battle:  

Awakening – Learn skills at random, though the chances to do so are increased by engaging stronger enemies or using stronger weapons. Additionally, unlocking specific Talents allows one to “awaken” with greater odds. 
Ignition – When a character enters this state (from dealing or taking damage), they can utilize their weapon's Final Strike. Entering further states of Ignition opens up more advantages in battle. 
Final Strike – A gambit that gives access to a powerful attack in exchange for breaking the currently equipped weapon.