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ASTRO Gaming Announces AO3 In-Ear Monitors For Mobile & Console Gamers

When you think of ASTRO Gaming, it is easy to think of their various over the ear headphone lines, which come at varying price points to give all gamers excellent sound regardless of budget. ASTRO Gaming unveiled a new line of A03 In-ear monitors (A03 IEM) for gamers looking for a more subdued set of headphones for gaming, whether in-home or on the go. So what makes ASTRO Gaming in-ear headphones better than you're regular in-ear headphones? That is probably what you're saying as you read this. We can answer that easily as ASTRO Gaming offers two separate drivers within each ear housing, giving gamers a driver for dedicated bass while the other handles mids and highs.

This gives you a completely immersive sound profile on par with most reliable over the head headset offerings in a smaller package without hurting your wallet.

The AO3 IEM will cost gamers $49.99 and be available in two colorways, white/purple and navy/red. You'll be able to use them on your favorite consoles, tablets, PC, and mobile devices. The integrated in-line mic and audio controls will make taking calls while gaming easy and painless plus. If you own the MixAmp Pro TR, you'll also be able to use them there as well. You will also get three silicone ear tips to ensure a secure and comfortable fit and a carrying pouch.

Gamers will be able to order a pair starting today directly from ASTRO Gaming.

Show Press Release

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. and LAUSANNE, Switzerland – Oct. 1, 2020 – ASTRO Gaming, the leader in premium video gaming equipment, today announced the release of the newest addition to its award-winning family of gaming audio products, the A03 In-Ear Monitor (IEM).


Engineered specifically for Mobile and Console gaming, the A03 IEM differs from traditional earbuds thanks to the two separate drivers in each ear housing. One driver is dedicated to bass, while the other is dedicated to mids and highs. This architecture delivers a powerful audio experience with a rich soundscape, revealing every detail of game environments and clearly separating voice chat.

“Gamers want a convenient way to enjoy pro-grade audio while on the go,” said Aron Drayer, VP of Marketing for ASTRO Gaming. “The new A03 IEM expands our line-up with a competitively priced solution designed to deliver the sound quality, comfort, and style ASTRO customers expect.”

Fully equipped to allow gamers to play anywhere, the A03 IEM provides wired compatibility with Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch consoles, as well as PCs, mobile devices, tablets, and the Astro MixAmp Pro TR. It is designed to fit comfortably and includes three sizes of soft silicone ear tips. The sturdy aluminum housing and tangle-free flat cables ensure reliability, durability, and a premium look and feel. For added connectivity, the A03 features a high-quality in-line mic and integrated audio controls. The A03 comes with its own soft carrying pouch, keeping them clean and safe.

The A03 IEM is offered in two color-ways, White/Purple or Navy/Red. The ASTRO Gaming A03 In-Ear Monitor is available now for 49.99 USD at ASTRO Gaming

About ASTRO Gaming
ASTRO Gaming creates premium video gaming equipment and lifestyle products for professional gamers, esports leagues, content creators, and hardcore gamers. In 2008, ASTRO Gaming was spun-off from design powerhouse ASTRO Studios, known for designing the Xbox 360®, along with the original Alienware™ and HP® Gaming PCs. ASTRO Gaming is now a proud member of the Logitech Gaming group. All ASTRO Gaming products are available at astrogaming.com. Connect with ASTRO Gaming on Twitter @ASTROGaming, Instagram @ASTROGaming, or our blog.

ASTRO Gaming is a brand of Logitech International. Founded in 1981, and headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, Logitech International is a Swiss public company listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (LOGN) and on the Nasdaq Global Select Market (LOGI).

What do you think of the new Astro Gaming A03 IEM? Will you be picking up a pair? Let us know what you think and if you are in the comments.