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Astroneer - key art

Astroneer Launches on Switch January 13

Astroneer, the award-winning space sandbox adventure, now has a release date on the Nintendo Switch! On January 13th, you can explore new worlds at home or on the go! Digital pre-orders are live, offering exclusive in-game rewards on day one. A physical edition will be available at a later date via Gearbox Publishing which will alsocome with exclusive rewards.

About Astroneer on the Switch

The Nintendo Switch version of the game is a complete experience. The brand-new Xenobiology update will introduce mysterious creatures and new adventures. Embark on a narrative-focused mission all over the solar system to discover the secrets behind these curious cephalopods. Astroneer has been reworked to ensure a great performing experience on Nintendo Switch. Expect support for pro controllers and local Switch to Switch play.

Astroneer - pre-order bump

Why Pre-Order?

For early purchasers, we are including a special EXO Outfitters bundle! The Power bundle includes a palette and visor customization set, unlockable in-game on day one. The bundle will be redeemable for all early purchasers till February 28th, 2021.