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Editor in Chief of R.A.G.E. Works and host of My Take Radio. When not yelling into a microphone on air Rich can be found tinkering on the site and ensuring that the gears of RAGE Works run smoothly.

1st Impression: No Strings Attached

Isn’t this shit called Friends With Benefits or any other romantic comedy in the last six months? By the way Ashton sucks in every...

1st Impression: Yogi Bear

All I have to say is Dan Aykroyd as Yogi & Justin Timberlake as Boo Boo.God is this gonna suck up the box office...

1st Impression: Bloodrayne: The Third Reich

The fact that Uwe Boll still makes movies boggles my mind. Bloodrayne returns to fight Nazi’s which I am sure will be just as...

1st Impression: Tron: Legacy

Tron was a film I remember watching as a child and being blown away by the great visuals and excellent story. I remember wishing...

1st Impression: The Zoo Keeper: Teaser Trailer

Oh look it’s Paul Blart: Zoo Cop. Looks like Kevin James will continue to visually rape us with his shitty security guy flicks. Worst...

1st Impression: Friends With Benefits: Red Band Trailer

So Justin Timberlake is slowly meandering his way through Hollywood as a leading man which I normally would shit on immediately ,but for some...

1st Impression: Hall Pass

As much as Owen Wilson tries to he is not that funny. Hall Pass is the newest entry in Owen Wilson’s many attempts at...

Spartacus Returns in 2011 with Gods Of The Arena on Starz

If you’ve never seen Spartacus on Starz you are missing out on great storytelling and gratuitous violence. Starz brought the raw violence to the...

Splatterhouse T-Shirt Contest

In honor of the upcoming Splatterhouse game coming out for PS3 and Xbox,  WestMansion was kind of enough to provide MTR with some real kick ass...

1st Impression: Sucker Punch–New Trailer

The last Sucker Punch trailer gave us very little in terms of plot. This new trailer gives a bit of story and shows a...

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