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Editor in Chief of R.A.G.E. Works and host of My Take Radio. When not yelling into a microphone on air Rich can be found tinkering on the site and ensuring that the gears of RAGE Works run smoothly.

1st Impression:Ninety Nine Nights 2

Check out the sequel for the 2006 hack & slash classic Ninety Nine Nights. I like the final fantasy look the characters have but...

1st Impression:Thor Costume Part 2

After my previous posts about Thor and the recent Captain America post it seems that concept art is the new way to tease the...

1st Impression: Captain America: First Avenger Costume

As many of you know Marvel comics is working diligently to bring the Avengers to life. Thus far with Iron Man, they have done...

1st Impression:Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Batman once again returns to consoles ,but it’s not the Arkham Asylum version that we know and love. Instead this trailer is for the...

1st Impression:Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

So after much hype and fanfare, the newest Scott Pilgrim vs. The World trailer was released to the masses on Facebook. I’ll be honest...

1st Impression:Knight’s Contract

Take a bit of Darksiders,sprinkle in some Bayonetta and a touch of Sword Of Berserk and you get Namco Bandai’s newest hack & slash adventure game....

Splatterhouse: New Trailer

A few months back I posted the teaser trailer for Splatterhouse. Looks like the buzz got a little too quiet and a new trailer...

1st Impression:Majin & The Forsaken Kingdom

https://www.viddler.com/player/57fb66a9/ Giant Golem & Prince Of Persia looking dude seek adventure. Looks like a decent RPG style game from Namco. Not something that jumps out...

1st Impression: Naruto Shippuden:Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

As a Naruto novice I must admit that this gameplay footage makes me want to check this game out. I am not familiar with...

1st Impression: F.3.A.R aka Fear 3

Fear to me was always a weird FPS, but the plot for this one has caught my attention because you actually have assistance from...

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