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Avenging Spider-Man Makes History And Brings Us Art From Joe Mad , Humberto Ramos and J. Scott Campbell


Avenging Spider-Man joins the strong roster of Spidey stories but these stories will follow our favorite wall crawlers exploits with some of the heavy hitters of the Marvel Universe.  Avenging Spider-Man #1 makes history by offering a free digital copy to those that purchase this new book. Fans will receive a code in the polybagged issue giving them their digital copy for free on the Marvel Comics App at no additional cost. This will be the first time a publisher has offered a free digital copy with a physical copy. I hope that we continue to see this trend. Blu-ray and DVD have done this and have seen much success. I hope it’s the start of new trend.  Avenging Spider-Man is not only making history but bring some great talent to the table as well.  Joe Madureira will be handling the art  for the ongoing series and if you are fan of variants you can get variant covers from Humberto Ramos and the ultra talented J. Scott Campbell as well.  Avenging Spider-Man launches on 11.9

J.Scott Campbell Variant



Humberto Ramos Variant