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Batman Co-Creator Bill Finger To Be Honored By The City Of New York

The story of Bill Finger has been discussed quite a bit as of late including a lengthy discussion on The Variant Issue between Jimbo Slyice and I. To those unaware Batman was not the sole creation of Bob Kane and we learned the true origins of Batman thanks to Marc Tyler Nobleman and his book Bill the Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator of Batman and the documentary Batman & Bill. The book and the documentary shed light on Mr. Finger's involvement not only in the creation of Batman but also some of Batman's iconic rogues. Mr. Nobleman's efforts to get the late Mr. Finger the credit he deserved paid off and Bill Finger was recognized as the co-creator of Batman which you can see in the credits of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and other Batman projects.

NYC is where the Dark Knight was born so it is fitting that the man that helped create him gets honored. Mr. Nobleman has been lobbying for quite some time to get a memorial for Mr. Finger set up and his hard work has finally paid off. The city of New York will be honoring Bill Finger this week by unveiling Bill Finger Way. 192nd Street will be renamed Bill Finger Way this Friday, November 8th. The area runs alongside Poe Park which was the park where Bill Finger and Bob Kane came up with Batman and the Dark Knight's stories during the 1940's.

This historic moment will be open to the public so if you're a Batman fan or a fan of Bill Finger's you'll definitely want to attend. Bill's granddaughter Athena will be attendance along with Mr. Nobelman himself and city councilman Ritchie Torres. All parties will surely have some nice things to share with those in attendance to mark this special occasion.

Mr. Nobelman did note that the event date while firm as of right now is subject to change as is the case with most city events sometimes. If it changes I will update this post with new information. For now, the current information and pertinent details are below.

  • Bill Finger Way Unveiling
  • Friday 12/8/17
  • 10 am
  • East 192nd Street and the Grand Concourse, NE corner

If you're interested in keeping up with Mr. Nobleman's work you follow him here and check out his blog here.

Congrats to Mr. Nobelman once again for getting Mr. Finger honored once more.