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DC Announces Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point Hardcover Collected Edition

When it comes to Fortnite guest appearances, it truly seems that no license was off-limits. So when it was announced that some of DC Comics' popular heroes and villains were heading into the game, it gave the game a renewed shot in the arm, especially when it was announced that Batman was joining the game. Batman's trip into the Fortnite universe was showcased in a six-issue series called Batman/Fortnite Zero Point, which fleshed out the story and gave Fortnite players some great in-game perks use.

Batman/Fortnite: Zeropoint Collected Edition

If you missed out on the single issues and all the great in-game perks, I am happy to announce that DC will be releasing a hardcover collected edition of the books. This hardcover book not only captures the six issues of the crossover but also gives you all of the in-game perks, which include:

  • Rebirth Harley Quinn Outfit
  • Batman Zero Wing Glider
  • Catwoman's Grappling Claw Pickaxe
  • Deathstroke Destroyer Glider
  • Harley Quinn's Revenge Back Bling
  • Batarang Axe Pickaxe

In addition to the outfits and gear mentioned above, players will also get the armored Batman Zero Point outfit that could only be unlocked if you picked up all six issues.

Batman Armor from Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point

Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point will be available digitally and at participating bookstores on Tuesday, September 7; also, on Batman Day, which is September 18th DC Comics will be releasing a special reprint of Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #1 for free. If you're a Comixolgy user like me, you can pick up that reprint here.

Will you be picking up Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point next week? Let us know in the comments.