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RW Review: Masters Of The Universe Origins Rise Of Evil

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While we have focused our last few videos on the new Masters of the Universe Revelation series, the Origins line is still dropping some great new characters. This new Rise of Evil two-pack of figures focuses on Skeletor and Trap Jaw long before they became those characters. Keldor becomes Skeletor and Kronus becomes Trap Jaw. While their origins have been altered over the last few years, their debut in this style is awesome to see, especially since Keldor only had a figure during the old 200x run.

Many fans will want to grab this series because both characters are incredibly well done, and the alternate Skeletor head is leaps and bounds better than the current Origins head.

If you want to add the Rise of Evil two-pack to your collection, you can find it at your local Target or purchase it via Target online here.

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