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Brawling 4 Boobies Community Gaming Event


On February 28, 2000 I lost my mother to breast cancer. It has been a long 11 years for my family and I, both grieving and adjusting. Over time, I have realized that the brand I have built can be a great tool to raise donations to help others cope and endure with losing a loved one to this illness, or even perhaps finding a cure someday.

My Take Radio in partnership with Unveil NYC, Middle Easy and MMA Valor will be hosting an XBOX Live community gaming event called Brawling For Boobies. Every weeknight starting on 10/24 we will host lobbies for some of the fighting games we all know and love. In order to participate gamers are asked to donate a minimum of $5.00 .  Please make sure to enter your gamer tag in the donation entry page recognition field so we know who you are.

Here are the tentative titles and official dates.

10/24- Mortal Kombat

10/25-EA MMA

10/26-Marvel v Capcom 3

10/27-UFC Undisputed

10/28 Super Street Fighter 4 AE/ SF3 Third Strike Online.

Gameplay will begin at 9pm EST and end 11pm EST. On Friday, since there are two titles we will extend playtime until 12am. In the coming days we will be announcing pro gamers and special guests that will join the fight.

Even if you do not want to play. you can still donate towards our goal. We are doing this to promote community play for a good cause so every little bit helps. We will leave our donation page open until the end of the month. We invite our Twitter followers to tweet with the hashtag  #B4B2K11 and/or #KOBreastCancer to help spread the word as well.


Participants can add Akuma25 or UnveilGaming on Xbox Live. Please make sure to let us know you are participating in the event so we can add you.


Visit the donation page here and help our cause!

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