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Brian Pulido’s Lady Death Returns Courtesy Of Diamond Select

During my days of collecting comic books in the '90s, Brian Pulido's Lady Death comic book series occupied a sizeable portion of my collection. I owned Lady Death, Evil Ernie and Purgatori books as well as the action figures. Our friends at Diamond Select made me feel nostalgic today with their newly announced Lady Death PVC diorama. This 9-inch sculpture is sculpted by Sam Greenwell and captures Pulido's creation in all her glory with her trademark broadsword. Check out the sculpt below.

Lady Death PVC Diorama

You can grab this awesome diorama from Diamond or your local comic book & specialty retailer. If you prefer to do your shopping online you can also pre-order it from our friends at Entertainment Earth by heading here.

The MSRP is $45.00 and for that price, this piece is a must for yours truly. Did you read Lady Death in the '90s? Let us know in the comments.