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Danger Rising is Rico’s Biggest Fight in New Just Cause 4 DLC

Watch the official trailer for "Danger Rising," the latest installment in the Just Cause 4 series. Prepare to witness the thrilling rise of danger in this action-packed game.

On August 29th, Rico Rodriguez goes Back to the Future in more ways than one. Just Cause 4 will launch the final DLC in its Dare Devils, Demons and Danger expansion pass, titled “Danger Rising.” All three themes are represented this time as Rico shows his dare devil skill on a new hoverboard. Demons from the past come back to haunt him as the Agency is out for his head. Most of all, the danger level has never been higher as Rico will face his greatest challenge to date! The Just Cause 4 Expansion Pass includes the Danger Rising DLC and grants access to the new content one week early.