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DC Comics Is Doing Their Part For Mother’s Day

This year's Mother's Day is going to be very different across the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic and while taking mom out might be out of the question comic fans might want to check out what DC Comics and their DC Universe service are doing for Mother's Day 2020.

To celebrate Mother's Day the DC Universe service is releasing some free printable Mother's Day cards to give to that heroic mom in your life. The cards highlight some of the best moms in the DC universe and can be downloaded without having a subscription to the DC Universe service, Here are the designs available for download.

You can download any or all of the cards by heading here.

If you want to give a the gift of a DC Universe subscription to your mom along with the printable cards for Mother's Day you can head here. Subscriptions will cost $7.99 per month or $74.99 annually. DC Universe has some special stuff in store for Mother's Day 2020 including a  roundup of the “5 Baddest Mamas in the DC Universe” with a list of titles currently available on the digital subscription service. From Martha Wayne in FLASHPOINT: BATMAN – KNIGHT OF VENGEANCE to Granny Goodness in MISTER MIRACLE, DCU’s collection of titles highlight all of the moms with questionable maternal instincts.

  1. Martha Wayne (Joker version) in FLASHPOINT: BATMAN – KNIGHT OF VENGEANCE #1-3
  2.  Sheila Haywood (Jason Todd’s mom) in BATMAN #426-428 (A DEATH IN THE FAMILY)
  3.  Ursa (Chris Kent’s mom) in ACTION COMICS #844-851 and ANNUAL #11 (LAST SON)
  4. Granny Goodness in MISTER MIRACLE #5-6 (1971)
  5. Talia Al Ghul in BATMAN INCORPORATED VOL. 2 #8-9

Pretty cool gesture on the part of DC for Mother's Day. I would definitely give my mom one of those cards.