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DC Universe Online Has An Explosive Fifth Anniversary!

DC Universe Online - 5 year logo

DC Universe Online celebrates its fifth birthday today. To celebrate, there are a lot of announcements that were made today. Originally, the game came to PC and PS3 back in 2011. When the PS4 launched, so did the first next-gen version of the game. Now, in 2016, DC Universe Online is coming to Xbox One. After five years, Sony console exclusivity will be no more come Spring. The big news does not end there, however. During the week of January 25, cross-play will be introduced between PS4 and PC players. That means a lot of new alliances and enemies this month. Next month, Episode 21 of the game will be introduced along with characters from Legends of Tomorrow! Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Captain Cold and Atom will join the roster of characters in February. Later in the year, there will be additional story content as the Amazon Fury and Halls of Power storylines both come to their conclusions. Harley Quinn will have a new storyline, as will Superman. The Superman story will feature Zod, Non, Ursa as well as the usual suspects. The story will begin in the Phantom Zone and culminate on Kandor. They still are not done with updates! DC Universe Online will add a new water-based power set, along with a fourth color palette for your alternate characters. They will also be able to unlock new styles and gears. Since new players are expected, league recruitment is being improved to make it more accessible than ever. Log in by January 31 and you will also get anniversary gifts! A Daybreak emblem for your characters and a DC Bombshell poster for your base or league hall. Five years is a long time and DC Universe Online is looking forward to another five and beyond!