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Slick’s Quick Hits: AIPD

screen 02

AIPD takes place in the year 2144 where the digital world has become our reality. Our world today relies heavily on the internet and so cybercrime is on the rise. In AIPD, all crime is cybercrime. It is your job to police the digital world and destroy all attackers. To accomplish this, you have tons of weapons and ship upgrades you can unlock with thousands of possible combinations. The story behind the game is a lot deeper than the actual game itself. The bottom line is shoot everything in sight. Bullet hell fanatics will lose their minds for this one. Coming to current-gen consoles and PC, AIPD surprisingly only has local co-op, but at least it is up to four players. Enjoy the trailer!

AIPD comes to PS4, Steam and Xbox One on January 29.