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Discover Phonon In ‘Under Night In Birth Exe: Late[st]’

If you are a part of the fighting game community this is the announcement that you have been waiting for! This winter has seen a resurgence of titles that are more about the classic joy of cabinet-style fighting games. Let the tournament seekers have their fun and become the best brawler on your block with a title you will never be able to repeat! Under Night In Birth Exe: Late[st] brings reminds you what it means to be able to enjoy a fighting game without worrying about things like frame data and tiers! The over the top, anime action from the PS3 era returns this February.

Under Night In Birth Exe: Late[st] - Phonon

This updated version of Under Night In Birth has twenty playable characters including the above pictured Phonon. Special guests from Melt Blood and Akatsuki Blitzkampf are also included in the updated roster. An intensive training mode and over ten hours of story mode await those wanting to just play the game. Full online support awaits those who want to flaunt their skills to the world. However you want to play, Under Night In Birth Exe: Late[st] is there for you!

Under Night In Birth Exe: Late[st] - Phonon vs Enkidu

Under Night In Birth Exe: Late[st] looks to steal your heart (or have Phonon rip it out) as it will launch on PS3, PS4 and PS Vita this February 9, 2018!

Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late[St] - PlayStation 4 - Front Zoom