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Disgaea 1 Complete is Blowing Up the Charts!

Disgaea 1 Complete accolades trailer, Blowing Up the Charts.

Disgaea was one of those games that eluded me during the PS2 era. My only reason for never playing current games was not wanting to jump in the middle. Now the original is back and better than ever! R.A.G.E. Works reviewed Disgaea 1 Complete last month and RPG fans need to check it out. I am usually very hard on remakes, but this game came out 15 years ago on the PS2. This version uses the graphics of Disgaea 5 and includes content not in the original. $50 is a bit steep for a remake, but consider that I have been playing it nonstop for two months (thanks NISA!) and have not completed it. Disgaea 1 Complete definitely gives you your money's worth. Black Friday is a perfect time to snatch this up for PS4 or Switch!

Disgaea 1 Complete – Hardcore Style!

For fans of the original, you can still score the Rosen Queen's Finest Edition from the NIS America Online Store!