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Dishonored 2 Gameplay Debut

Dishonored 2 was announced at e3 2015. Now at e3 2016, we have details, video of the game in action and a release date! Dishonored 2 is being made specifically so that you can play it even if you never experienced the first game. Those who have will benefit from a deeper understanding of the narrative but this game will be its own story. You will be able to reprise the role of the first game's protagonist, Corvo Attano. You will however, have the option to play as the new empress and daughter of the former one, Emily Kaldwin. Each character has their own set of upgradeable abilities, both natural and supernatural. In the spirit of most Bethesda titles, you will be free to play how you want. You can focus on stealth or handle enemies directly. You will able to be a lethal or non-lethal character and you will be able to change your mind on the fly. The story shall evolve based upon your actions, so be wary of your steps. Get ready to enter a world of shadow, assassination and intrigue; Dishonored 2 comes to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on November 11, 2016

Here is a look at the pre-order bonus pack Here is a look at the Collector's Edition


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