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Vampyr – The Hunt Begins

Vampyr has been a long time coming. Announced last year by Focus Home Entertainment and in development by DontNod Entertainment. If that name sounds familiar, think of Remember Me and more recently Life Is Strange. Vampyr is still a ways off, having a 2017 launch date, but today we finally get something to “sink our teeth into.” Not only do we get some narrative from our undead protagonist; we get to finally see some of the combat the game will offer. Dr. Jonathan Reid is a WWI veteran and doctor. Ironically, a man devoted to saving lives must now take life to fuel his existence. Once praised as a man, he is now hunted as an animal. His hunters are surprisingly well equipped for the time period. Check out this trailer featured at e3 and stick with R.A.G.E. Works as we bring more information on Vampyr as it develops.