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DONTNOD Shows How They Are ‘Making Monsters’ for Vampyr

Delve into the world of Jonathan Reid, the protagonist of Dontnod Entertainment's upcoming thriller, Vampyr. In the first of their developmental webseries about the game, we learn about the different classes of creatures in London. What we call vampires break themselves up into different classes. Then there are other beings entirely. Jonathan must survive as a creature of the night living amongst mortals, but how you do it will determine the path of the game.

Vampyr - street encounter

Enjoy Episode 1: Making Monsters and join us next week when Episode II: Architects of the Obscure continues the webseries. Vampyr comes to PC, PS4 and Xbox One this spring. When we have information on a release date, we will be sure to share. If you missed it, check out their video from last week detailing the entire four part series.