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Dragon Quest Builders 2 - Hargon and Company

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Comes to Steam Next Month

Square Enix announced that Dragon Quest Builders 2 will be the first game in the DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS series to launch for Steam on December 10th for $59.99. The STEAM version will include all DLC previously released on PS4 plus new content. This includes the Hotto Stuff Pack, Aquarium Pack and the Modernist Pack DLCs.


From today through January 6, 2020, anyone buying the game on STEAM will receive bountiful in-game bonus content. This content will allow players to customize their Dragon Quest experience including the following:

  • Ornamental Medicinal Herb Recipe
  • Dragon Quest Logo Recipe
  • Ornamental Chimaera Wing Recipe
  • Five Sigil Block Recipes for building decorative blocks with sun, stars, moon, water and soul motifs
  • Legendary Line Art Recipe
  • Lo-Res Luminary Recipes
Dragon Quest Builders 2 - PC pre-order incentives

You can pre-purchase the game on Steam right now by clicking here.