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Dragon Quest Builders Takes Us Back to Where It All Began!

Dragon Quest Builders brings a thirty year legacy full circle. Dragon Quest, or Dragon Warrior as it reads on my NES cartridge was one of the very first RPGs I ever played. This was back when this portion of Square Enix was just Enix (SquareSoft handled Final Fantasy) and the two companies and franchises used to go at it. I was the nameless hero who set out to save Alefgard. Monsters great and small roamed the land. This was all the work of an evil dragon known as the Dragonlord. In the original game (and in our trailer today) he disguises himself as an evil wizard. Having stolen the ball of light is what plunged the world into darkness (duh). In the original game, you defeat the Dragonlord, but in Dragon Quest Builders, it looks like our “hero” chose the option to join him as humanity has been plunged into darkness and no longer has the ability to build or create. Without that skill, there is no shelter and there are no weapons to defend against the monsters. Humanity seems sure to become extinct until a new hero, the Legendary Builder, appears. Building homes and tools for the people will allow humanity to thrive, bring light back to the land and ultimately, bring an end to the evil of the Dragonlord once and for all.

Dragon Quest Builders comes to the PS4 and PS Vita this October. Rebuild the world in your image!