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Kick & Fennick Bounce to Consoles!

Kick & Fennick is a platformer set in a futuristic dystopia that is seemingly only populated by machines. Kick wakes up alone and confused and meets two robots. One is a tiny robot named Fennick who quickly befriends and protects Kick from the other robot. This is a giant, guardian robot that wants to eliminate the organic intruder. Originally released for the PS Vita, kick and Fennick utilize bounce pads, teleporters and the recoil of the BFG Kick carries to move about fallen skyscrapers and other structures. The goal is to help Fennick find a new power core and escape the relentless pursuit of the guardian robot. For the first time, this game will come to home consoles next week to be enjoyed in full 1080p. Pick up Kick & Fennick on the PS4 and Wii U Thursday June 2, 2016 or Friday June 3, 2016 on the Xbox One.

Than gun sure has a lot of “Kick.”

The teleporters make for some crazy platforming action.

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