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HITMAN Elusive Target #2 – The Congressman

HITMAN - The Congressman

Hitman wanted to get into the spirit of the holiday by making a “memory” out of a handful of new targets. Everyone gets the Marrakesh update on Tuesday, may 31st. PS4 owners also get a new Sarajevo Six target the same day. Square Enix chose not to even wait that long and kicked off the long weekend with a new Elusive Target. This time around, we have a congressman by the name of Anthony L. Troutt. While his country is never specified, we assume this guy is a U.S. congressman, especially since he is looking for financial backers for a potential 2024 presidential run. This contract was disappointingly easy, but still enjoyable. There are many ways to off this guy, but I wanted to get a silent assassin rating since I missed out on it last time. The video below shows our favorite Hitman disposing of some “rotten fish.” Enjoy!