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Dragon Star Varnir Coming to PS4 This Summer

Idea Factory announces that Dragon Star Varnir heads West this summer. The announcement is accompanied by a brand new opening movie trailer that introduces the characters. Introducing the main protagonist, Zephy, and the many witches who are cursed to give birth to dragons.

Dragon Star varnir
Zephy will find himself on the other side of battle in this story

Zephy, tasked with hunting witches, soon finds his own fate intertwined with his former enemies. Fight against dragons in turn-based, midair combat, using tiers, transformations, and more to weaken them and devour their abilities! The fate of three witches is in your hands – will you choose to save them or sacrifice them to gain items and skills? Your decisions will change the course of the game!

Dragon Star varnir - battle Screen
Dragon Star Varnir Story Overview

In a world where the bones of an ancient beast tower over the land…
The Knight Zephy is part of an order whose role is to hunt down witches – people seen as cursed beings for giving birth to dragons. When he is almost killed on one of these missions, two mysterious witches save him from the brink of death by feeding him dragon blood.

Granted new magic abilities by their efforts, he soon finds his fate intertwined with the witches and reluctantly joins them to fight against an Empire out to destroy his kind, ruthless dragon hunters, and a witch more powerful than any in existence. Can they fight all this and save themselves, or will his new allies succumb to the dragon’s curse…?