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Dungeon Encounters - art

Dungeon Encounters Dives Deep on October 14

Dungeon Encounters is a new RPG IP from Square Enix. The trailer gives us an idea of what to expect. Speed-running meets the Final Fantasy active time battle system with maddening results. In two weeks, expect a new level of magic (literally) on consoles and PC.

Dungeon Encounters - map

About Dungeon Encounters

Players can enjoy a newly polished and refined iteration of Final Fantasy’s classic Active Time Battle (ATB) system. Original FF creator Hiroyuki Ito is the mastermind behind this new title. Dungeon Encounters features an expansive range of fantasy-inspired characters by character designer Ryoma Ito. Expect a unique take on the dungeon crawler genre. Customize your team in order to complete the challenges and obstacles effectively.  Fans can also enjoy a soundtrack overseen by musical director Nobuo Uematsu, featuring a modern take on classical tracks. Put your mind to the test and venture through the many levels when the game debuts on October 14th!