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Dying Light Community Bounty #2: Sun Eclipse

Dying Light plus Friday the 13th equals terror. . . for the undead! Today, Techland is announcing the second Dying Light Community Bounty. Some people praise the sun; you might find yourself praying for the sun to rise before this challenge is over! Welcome to Sun Eclipse! Last time we simply had to get rid of five million zombies; any kind would do. This time around, things are a bit different. Usually the last thing any player wants to see is the one and only target this weekend. Ladies and gentlemen, we are hunting Volatile starting at 12PM PDT this Friday, May 13. How many, you ask? Only a mere two and a half million! If the goal is reached before 10PM PDT on Sunday, May 15, Techland will reward all contributors from the Dying Light community with the new Joker outfit. Sharpen your blades, stock up on ammo and tune up your buggies because it is gonna be a long, dark weekend! Remember that last time, the community more than tripled the goal and Techland gave us an added bonus. let's knock this one out of the park as well and keep our greedy little fingers crossed for more Dying Light goodies!