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New Screens From Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom - logo

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom is one of several contenders for action RPG of the year, at least in my book. Now that we have already been able to experience the wonderful Stories: The Path of Destinies, I cannot wait to see what Shiness has to offer. This is where we come to a good news / bad news situation. The bad news is that we still do not yet have a release date for Enigami's creation. We also do not know what platform(s) it will release on. The good news is that we have some fresh new screenshots and info on the game. The fantasy world that the game takes place in is known as Mahera and our protagonists will spend much of the game traversing the plains of Meonis. One destination of note is the village of Shjue. It is in this village where Chado and friends can purchase an Amos Beast. Somewhat lizard-like in appearance, the Amos Beast will carry you across the Meonis plains much like a chocobo would in a Final Fantasy title. Of course there are also trains and airships, but we will get to those when the information surfaces. This is one of the titles that we are keeping a close watch on here at R.A.G.E. Works, so keep it here for all breaking news. For know, enjoy the new look at Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom, still slated for a 2016 release!

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