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Dying Light Gets Hardcore On Fans

As of March 10, the new Ultimate Survivor Bundle DLC became available for players of Dying Light to purchase for $4.99 if they did not already have the Dying Light season pass. Aside from paid content, players also got a huge bonus for free. The game itself has received more stabilization updates and graphical tweaks to make the experience smoother than ever. Players are going to get 20 new outfits which include the “Bully” and the “Punk” for finishing the game on normal. For finishing on the new hard mode, you get the “Trick-or-Treater” and the “Zombie Wannabe.” New outfits also include nationally themed skins from the different countries Dying Light is available in. A new gold tier of weapons have been introduced which are both more rare and more powerful than those in the orange tier. Such weapons include the Bone Splitter (axe), Rune Hammer (looks very Mjölnir-ish) and the Dark Machete, just to name a few. Finally, players are introduced to new Dying Light Hard mode. You might think that the game is not particularly easy now. Well, here are a few of the things that are changed if you decide to “get hardcore.” In hard mode:

  • Night lasts twice as long
  • Volatile do not show up on the mini-map
  • Survival sense only reveals dropped weapons and Volatile
  • Noise attracts more Virals
  • Scavenging produces fewer items
  • Zombies are more resilient
  • Inventory does not pause game
  • Rais' men arrive at drops much faster
  • Health regeneration is slower
  • It takes longer to heal with medkits

Hard mode can be selected when you start a new game and it can be toggled on and off if things get too tough. Unfortunately, there are no new trophies/achievements with this update but this may make getting the ones you might have left more challenging. If your PS4 is usually in rest mode then you already have the update, but it will otherwise be applied the next time you begin the game. Is ay this now, more than ever before. . . .