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Dying Light Shines On Rocket League

Dying Light - RL livery

Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition started last year as a teaser of Crane driving through the countryside in a dune buggy. That teaser grew into the fantastic expansion we know today. Now Techland is taking Dying Light and doing a little cross promotion with Psyonix, makers of Rocket League. Before you run over your next zombie, had over to the Dying Light Weapon Docket site and enter the code LightMyFire (login/sign-up necessary). This will add a Rocket League livery to your available buggy upgrades. I would do this sooner rather than later because docket codes do expire. Rocket League will in turn be receiving some Dying Light related content, but at present we have no details on that. This will not help you survive the Harran outback, but what good is just surviving? You have to look good doing it!