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“The Last Supply Drop,” A Dying Light Inspired Short Film

Dying Light - BtZ

Dying Light is all about survival horror mixed with parkour action and a good dose of pure improvisation. I’m not even completely done with the game and I cannot wait for a sequel. In the spirit of that improvisation, Flying Carpet Studio has teamed with Techland to create “The Last Supply Drop.” Employing sound effects and music from the game, the video features four runners going after an air drop, the final air drop. Within the context of the game, this video would take place during “The Pit” main story mission, where the GRE stopped supplying Harran. Fans will recognize the appearance of Virals and a Goon. I could be mistaken, but towards the end it seems like they tried to bring a Volatile into the mix. Production values aside, the video definitely captures the feel of the game’s running action. Check out “The Last Supply Drop” and pick up Dying Light in stores now if you haven’t already.