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Street Fighter V: The Spectacle of Spectacles!

Courtesy of PlayStation's YouTube page, we have a new trailer for Street Fighter V showing us gameplay of a seriously missed fan favorite – Charlie (Nash). Take notice that he has a very Frankenstein's Monster look to him. Pieces appear to have been added where they look to have been previously blown off, not to mention the glowing jewel in the middle of his forehead now. Also in watching the trailer, we see that Charlie has gained some teleportation abilities. That along with the ominous image and laughter of Vega (M. Bison in the U.S.) suggest that Charlie is the newest Shadowloo puppet. The fact that he beats the snot out of Ryu adds to that. . . His ultra, and a somewhat muffled scream are even more ominous than Vega's laugh. Is this the end of Chun Li? We will find out eventually. The trailer urges us to pre-order in order to gain access to the beta. My thoughts on that are why would we pre-order for a beta when we have no idea on a date for that or the final product launch? Hopefully Capcom will give us some concrete information soon. Get your fight sticks ready people!

P.S. Where's Guile in all of this?