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E3 2021 Day 3 Recap

E3 2021 had a rather quiet third day in the gaming sense. That is not to say that it was not a big day. Take-Two Interactive addressed many of the issues troubling the industry. No games were shown, but it was still an important presentation. Day 3 of E3 2021 was full of unusual panels. Perhaps the strangest presentation came from one of the earliest game companies. Intellivision is coming back and Tommy Tallarico tells you all about it.

It will be very interesting to see how Intellivision Amico does. Over 100,000 pre-orders have been received and the console is set to launch this October. For more information and pre-orders, please visit the official website.

Drawing a Blank(os)

Mythical Games is trying to help gamers recoup on their investment in gaming and collecting. Microtransactions and DLC take money from the consumer and give limited enjoyment. Mythical wants to help gamers enjoy games and ultimately make money from the character they create. I am not going to pretend to understand the process completely. Instead, I encourage you to watch the video presenting Blankos Block Party. The game allows you to create your character, have fun with friends and increase the value of your character. Take a look:

Blankos Block Party is currently in Early Access. You can download the current build for free on PC. For more information and the download link, please visit the official website. People are already creating amazing-looking characters.

E3 2021 Gets ‘Evil' with Capcom

Capcom had very little to show in terms of new game information. We saw new trailers for The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, along with the upcoming Monster Hunter games. Resident Evil Village is getting DLC, but that is all that is known at present.

The only other news presented by Capcom was regarding Street Fighter V eSports. The Capcom Pro Tour 2021 was detailed. Watch the video below for more on that. I am sure even competitive gamers would have preferred to hear about Street Fighter VI, but no information has surfaced as yet.

That about wraps up the third day of E3 2021. Nintendo and Bandai Namco are on deck for the final day so expect news. Keep it here for all the upcoming news on gaming, entertainment and the works!