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E3 2021 Day 2 Recap

E3 2021 went into high gear this past Sunday. Xbox showed off with their shiny, new Bethesda coating. Square Enix boasted even more Marvel going into the next year. Warner Bros. showed that you can overcome being Left4Dead if you come Back4Blood. This time, the horde goes multi-platform. A lot of PC games were shown. The standout was an upcoming battle royale title called Naraka: Bladepoint. Here is ten minutes of gameplay and feature information:

It looks as though PC gamers are going to have a wild summer.

E3 2021 Gets “Bloody”

It feels that the beloved Left4Dead franchise received its namesake years ago. In 2021, a spiritual successor hopes to satisfy a decade-long gamer thirst. Back 4 Blood aims to be bigger, meaner and bloodier than its predecessor. It also wants to put any “world warz” to rest. Warner Bros. gave us a new trailer showing new zombie types and announcing PvP. Back 4 Blood is set to launch on October 8, 2021. Here is the latest trailer:

Back 4 Blood is currently slated to release on October 12, 2021. To pre-order and register for the open beta, please check the official website.

Square Enix Goes Galactic

Final Fantasy XVI was sadly absent from Square Enix' showing. It is not coming out this year, so that is not a big deal. Life is Strange had a big showing as the company announced “True Colors” and a remastered collection of the first story. Marvel's Avengers will have three updates this summer, including a new chapter starring Black Panther. The big announcement was that of Guardians of the Galaxy coming to consoles and PC in October. Unlike Avengers, this will be a solo game where players control Star-Lord.

Pre-orders of the standard or deluxe editions get special throwback outfits for the Guardians. Additional outfit unlocks and goodies come with the deluxe edition. For full details, please visit the official website.

Exclusive Decisions

Microsoft has been making waves over the past year with the biggest one being the acquisition of Bethesda. While the company does have previous contracts to honor, it looks like they will be making games exclusively for Xbox and PC going forward. The upcoming Starfield was shown in the form of a teaser. We will have to wait to see more of the game slated for a holiday 2022 release. Halo Infinite multiplayer was showcased and MS is hoping there will be no memes about it like last year.

Day 2 of E3 2021 showcased a lot or promising new titles and the return of many favorites. The winners, as always, are the gamers. Having such a huge pool of games to swim around in makes even the biggest fanboy smile.