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Eastasiasoft - Synergia

Eastasiasoft 2021 Winter Showcase

Eastasiasoft just revealed their gaming lineup scheduled for release in February and March! Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One and Steam gamers have much to look forward to. The trailer gives us a quick look at eight games releasing this month and next. There are also some special edition boxed copies for a few of the titles. Caverns and puzzles and hentai, oh my!

Eastasiasoft - Hentai vs Evil

The focus here is on indie projects, ranging from 2D retro titles to modern 3D action. All of these will be available digitally on multiple platforms. Eastasiasoft also revealed a physical PS Vita Limited Edition for cyberpunk visual novel Synergia. Preorders through Playasia begin sometime in March. Also, the showcase’s lead title Bishoujo Battle Cyber Panic! becomes the first release in a larger partnership with Japanese developer ZOO Corporation.

Eastasiasoft - Synergia VN
Eastasiasoft Games of February and March