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Elgato Announces $100 Mini Stream Deck

Stream Deck

When it comes to stream games Elgato has you covered from start to finish. From green screens to shortcuts Elgato gives the streaming community what they need to create memorable and interactive streams. Last year's Stream Deck upped the ante for many streamers by providing 15 programmable keys to add lower thirds, widgets, chat windows and a ton of other stream enhancements at the push of a button.


The latest addition to Elgato's Stream Deck family is the smaller $100 Stream Deck mini which provides six programmable keys giving streamers a smaller and much more portable solution to customize their streams. The smaller footprint does not mean fewer features either as the new model natively integrates with all the usual streaming programs and platforms including OBS, XSplit, Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer just to name a few.