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Fall TV First Impression: Beauty and the Beast (CW)


Kristen Kreuk, Jay Ryan, Nina Lisandrello, Brian White, Austin Basis (Evan), Max Brown (JT Forbes)


Kristin Kreuk plays Catherine Chandler, a woman whose mother is murdered in 1993. She is miraculously saved from also being killed during this incident by these men by a “beast-like” person, although no one believes her. We cut to 10 years later, and Catherine is now a homicide detective with the NYPD along with her partner, Tess (Lisandrello). During a murder investigation, she discovers DNA belonging to thought-to-be-dead doctor Vincent Keller (Ryan). Durithis he course of this investigation, we learn that Keller is that “Beast” and tries to save people to help with his own demons. Max Brown plays J.T. Forbes, Keller’s friend and “roommate” and Brian White stomps the yard as Head Police Detective or whatever his title is.


My initial thoughts when this show was over were 1) I am annoyed that Keller revealed himself to be the “Beast” to Catherine so fast, and 2) these people have no chemistry or charisma whatsoever. I honestly never liked Kreuk in Smallville, and that opinion has not changed with this show. Her lack of emotion and range is obvious. It seems like she is in a daze most of the time.(Perhaps it is just her gigantic eyes, who knows?) Also, I have no clue where Jay Ryan came from, but he needs to go to a facial expression workshop ASAP. In every scene he is in, we get the exact same wincy, pained face, and it is just weird. Not to mention his semi-ripped-off-Captain-America storyline. When his brother dies in 9-11, then Dr. Keller enlists in the Army. He, along with others, is given an injection of some kind to make them super soldiers. However, the soldiers end up going H.A.M and the government decides to eradicate all the soldiers that were injected. Nice, huh? Keller survives, and goes into hiding in NY with his friend J.T. They try to find an antidote, but have so far been unsuccessful. Now, he's the savior of damsels in distress all over the city, and surely Catherine will be one of those damsels many times.  I really hate the fact that his beastly turn seems to be nothing more than a screw face. Quite hokey if you ask me. Hopefully it gets better with time. The tie-in for the plot will certainly be that Catherine's mother had something to do with the experiment on the soldiers, and ended up dead for it. Now, those same people are looking for Catherine, and it will be Vincent that must keep her safe.


This show may get a small following, however, unless it picks up steam and charisma I do not see it being back for a second season. I, being the glutton for bad CW dramas that I am, will give it some time before axing this show from my DVR. Plus, since the CW did kill The Secret Circle on me, which was much better for the time slot, it serves them right if no one watches it.