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Fall TV First Impression – Ringer

Pilot Thoughts: Terrible dual-sister shots and green screens aside, the pilot set up things kind of fast. You immediately are on Team Bridget, not so much on Team Siobhan, and I assume that’s exactly what we are supposed to do. We don’t get too much back story on the sisters, except they haven’t spoken for six years, prefaced by some terrible tragedy that most likely involved Siobhan’s young son (although no confirmation yet as to who the boy is, or if he is alive or not). They set up a budding romance between Bridget and her AA sponsor Malcolm – and put him in harm’s way with out-of-police-custody Bodaway Macawi, who is the creepiest Native American killer ever, and his name sounds like a bird.

Machado is also hot on fugitive Bridget’s heels, having taken a trip to see Siobhan to gain info on Bridget’s whereabouts. Haha, get it, he is talking to his fugitive, who lies to his face, obviously. He later finds out that her “story” of not speaking to her sister is a lie when a letter Siobhan wrote to Bridget is found in the storage locker Bridget out her stuff in. That was quick.

The marriage of Andrew and Siobhan seems to be some sort of “game”, where Siobhan plays puppet master and they really hate each other. Juliet has a strained relationship with both her father and Siobhan, as well as a relationship with drugs, that got her kicked out of boarding school. I am sure that these relationships will be further delved into.

Siobhan was having an affair with her best friend’s husband, Henry. It is also discovered that she was 4 weeks pregnant with what I will assume is Henry’s baby. However, when the doctor calls to confirm and talks to Bridget, Andrew overhears and thinks he is the father. Oh, this is all messed up. Did I mention that Gemma suspects her husband of cheating? Yeah. Plus, from the trailer for next week, it appears she figures out with whom.

The last few scenes unfold, and we see Siobhan is alive and kicking in Paris. She gets a mysterious phone call, and we find out that she set her sister up. Now I really hate her. I feel there were some things that should have waited until a few episodes in to be figured out or revealed. Too much was thrown on the table too fast.

Overall, the pilot was decent, and I will give it some more episodes until I make my real determination on the show. It did get me interested as to why Siobhan is setting up her sister, which will make me watch. Twitter was ablaze with praise and good reviews, but I know people swoon over Sarah Michelle Gellar based solely on her Buffy days and will love anything she breathes on. Side Note: I can’t wait for Jason Dohring’s character to be introduced, just because of my love for any member of the Veronica Mars cast. Hopefully he gives some good one-liners to Juliet as her teacher. I have high hopes for this show, and hope they play out.

Did you check out Ringer? What did you think? Hit the comments.


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