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Fighting Games I’d Like To See Refreshed


I will be 100 % honest when I say that the fighting game genre has always been one of my favorites. Dating back to Karate Champ on the NES. PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 gamers have enjoyed the current resurgence of fighting games. With Super Street Fighter 4 leading the charge gamers have been treated to some great titles. Mortal Kombat, MvC3, SF2 HD, MvC2, and BlazBlue along with countless others have kept fight fans occupied and given the competitive fighting gaming scene a huge jolt.  But amongst mainstays like KOF, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat we seem to have forgotten some other memorable fighting games . Here are some fighting games that I think deserve to be refreshed for the new generation of fighting game enthusiasts. These titles are in no particular order so don’t think I would prefer one over the other.

Killer Instinct

An arcade classic known for its insane combos and unique roster. Who wouldn’t want a be a werewolf who fights a ninja on a rooftop and then proceeds to throw him to his doom.

Some of the Mugen creators had the right idea with doing hand drawn sprites. I think some SF4 style graphics would work. Check out this example.


Rival Schools

Sure we have been teased with Rival Schools characters appearing in versus games but what about a dedicated Rival Schools title. I still break out Project Justice on my Dreamcast when I want a trip down memory lane.


Eternal Champions

I know a lot of you guys will give me shit for this one but Sega really has more than Sonic. Eternal Champions was different and for its time it had great graphics. Again this is my list so I know many will disagree.


Samurai Showdown

Not that 3D bullshit or some hokey offshoot but a real 2D sequel fresh for a new generation.



The fans have been clamoring for ages about it and frankly it’s time collect. Come on Capcom make it happen and stop adding the same characters to your versus titles.


Saturday Night Slam Masters

An underrated wrestling classic that played more like a regular fighting game and less like your typical wrestling game.


Guilty Gear

One of the best soundtracks I’ve ever heard in a fighting game plus some fantastic character designs make this an instant classic. Sure BlazBlue is a great title but there is only one Guilty Gear.


Honorable Mention: Bloody Roar

Sure it wasn’t one of the best games but the concept was cool and I still toss it in once in awhile. And no that shitty Wii/Gamecube version doesn’t count lol


That about sums up the games I’d like to see get refreshed. I wanted to toss Battle Arena Toshinden in there but figured you guys would think I am crazy. What are some titles you’d like to see get refreshed? Did I miss any?

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