Airs: The CW / Tuesdays at 9/8c

Cast: Sarah Michelle Gellar plays dual roles as Bridget Kelly/Siobhan Martin

Nestor Carbonell plays Victor Machado

Ioan Gruffudd plays Andrew Martin

Zoey Deutch is Juliet Martin

Mike Colter plays Malcolm Ward

Tara Summers plays Gemma Butler

Kristoffer Polaha plays Henry Butler

Plot Synopsis: Bridget Kelly is a 6-month sober ex-stripper who is in FBI protective custody waiting to testify against a crime boss named Bodaway Macawi. She was the only witness to his murdering of a stripper. Afraid for her life, she pistol whips her FBI guard and runs away to New York to visit her estranged twin, Siobhan. They have an awkward reconciliation and go boating. Bridget wakes up to find Siobhan missing, seemingly having killed herself. However, conveniently, her wedding rings were tucked away in an Rx bottle. Freaked, Bridget makes the decision to “take over” her sister’s life to get away from hers – unknowingly entering Siobhan’s just as messed up one. Perfect set up, since Siobhan didn’t tell anyone she even had a twin.

The rest of the cast can be quickly summed up as follows: Victor Machado is Bridget’s FBI handler who is now searching for her, Andrew Martin is Siobhan’s rude husband, Juliet Martin is Andrew’s snotty teenage daughter, and Henry and Gemma Butler are married, along with being Siobhan’s creepy stare-y lover and overly peppy BFF, respectively.



  1. The part where Siobahn is alive could have been saved for the mid-season or even season finale, even though we all know she was from the moment you see the ring in the bottle. That bullet is going to cause problems because that is the FBI dude’s gun. Considering how much was given away in the pilot, I believe there is going to be a lot of mystery and deception in this show. It could be really good so I will watch the next few eps for sure.

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