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Fast Striker Comes to PS4/Vita

A fast-paced poster for the game Fast Striker, available on PS4 and Vita.

Fast Striker is a fast-paced, reflex action vertical shmup taking cues from 80s classics of the genre to deliver an eyeball-searing slice of sci-fi, mechanized action. With a strong emphasis on its elaborate score system, players must blast their way through six sizzling stages, unforgettable boss encounters and over 40 unique enemy types, all at a gorgeous 60 frames per second.

Fast Striker Limited Edition

Fast Striker is available now on the PlayStation Store for $6.99. Collectors and those that prefer physical copies can get the Limited Edition. Limited to 2200 copies, the box includes:

  • Fast Striker Collector’s Box
  • Fast Striker Game (region free)
  • Fast Striker Manual
  • Fast Striker Original Soundtrack
  • Fast Striker Numbered Certificate

The limited edition is available for PS4 and PS Vita for $34.99, exclusively from PlayAsia. Fast Striker is available digitally and physically today.