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Fear Effect Sedna OKd for Kickstarter Campaign by Square Enix

Fear Effect Sedna - team

Fear Effect Sedna will hopefully be coming from French indie developer Sushee. For those not familiar, Fear Effect was an action adventure series on the original PlayStation. Originally developed by Kronos Digital Entertainment for Eidos Interactive (now owned by Square Enix), Fear Effect Sedna hopes to bring the series to a new generation of gamers. While the original team is not working on this new title, John Zuur Platten (writer, director and producer of Fear Effect) has come on board with Sushee. Fear Effect Sedna will focus on stealth and tactics, bringing something different to the Square Enix catalog. I am glad to say that things do look promising for the revival of this IP on PS4 because the Kickstarter campaign has a goal of €100,000 (approximately $114,106). One day into this thirty day campaign, over $40,000 has been pledged. If you want to get in on the campaign and score yourself a copy of Fear Effect Sedna, head to Sushee's Kickstarter page. R.A.G.E. Works will be following the progress of this title, so stay tuned.