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Final Fantasy IX Comes to PC, Finally!

Final Fantasy - white logo

Final Fantasy fans, don't get confused on this. This is definitely big news but it is not about the VII remake or about XV. Final Fantasy IX makes its way to PC for the very first time since its initial launch for the original PlayStation back in 2000. Suddenly, waiting for Final Fantasy VII doesn't seem so long, does it? The adventures of Zidane and company are available on Steam right now in full HD! A special promotion is giving 20% off the regular price until April 20. Just between you and I, Final Fantasy IX is one of my favorite games in the series. It may not have had the best graphical designs, having gone with a modified SD look, but the battle system, the side quests and the summons were simply amazing to me. let us not forget that one word that gained Final Fantasy IX a true place in RPG history: Ozma. One of the most difficult optional bosses in all of Final Fantasy, Ozma was a true nightmare if you were not prepared. Even if you were prepared, it could be pretty freaking awful. Everything from Tetra Master to Chocobo Hot and Cold are back for you to enjoy. head on over to Steam and download Final Fantasy IX now!

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