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Final Fantasy IX Goes Mobile!

Final Fantasy IX - black logo

Final Fantasy IX came out on the original PlayStation back in 2000. Out of the three FF titles to hit that console, it was my second favorite behind Final Fantasy VII. Until now it was the only single-digit Final Fantasy that had never been ported, remade, etc. Finally that has changed and Android and iOS fans can rejoice! Yesterday the game hit the mobile platforms and cloud saving will allow you to share your saved game across multiple devices using the same OS. Just like earlier titles to hit mobile, you have the ability to turn off encounters and do things like instantly master weapons and maximize character levels. Bottom line, if you cannot beat Ozma on your iPhone or Android phone, you just suck. The press release also says that Final Fantasy IX will come to Steam but there is no set date on that other than this year. Here are some screenshots and they look just as good as the PS1. I kind of hope that the delay on the Steam release means that the graphics will be updated a bit.