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4W Product Review: GAEMS M-155 Performance Monitor

What is it?

The GAEMS M-155 PerformanceMonitor is marketed for gamers who want a more portable gaming experience. The monitor utilizes a standard HDMI connection and is capable of so much more including photography monitoring and use as a second or third screen for your desktop or laptop.

What does it do?

The M-155 monitor is a lightweight USB-powered 15.5-inch portable monitor capable of 720p resolution with minimal lag.

What's wrong with it?

While the monitor is geared towards gamers, its lack of built-in speakers will force a user to use headphones or, if running as a secondary or tertiary display, will need speakers of some sort running out of the built-in headphone jack. If you opt to use the monitor with a PC or laptop you will get a serviceable screen at your disposal, albeit not with the same image quality you would get when connecting a console.

The folio style stand, while capable of giving you a few view angles, can be a bit of a pain in the ass sometimes both with placement and overall protection of the screen. A latch or something would have been nice to ensure the flap protecting the $170 screen would have stayed closed.

The 720p resolution has to also be acknowledged since many games or movies need to be downscaled for view on the monitor – but it should be noted that 1080p is not a must on this size monitor. But, it would have been nice to have.

Lastly, while the screen was stellar for gameplay the glossy surface picked up reflections easily which at times got distracting. These are minor issues that needed to be addressed but do not take away from the overall quality and convenience this screen offers.

Why do you/don't you need it?

In terms of portability and versatility, it is tough to argue that the M-155 does have a place in a gamer's home but it is also so much more than that. In the video below you will see that I used the monitor as a field monitor for my Sony RX-10. This allowed me to set up shots easier without haing to fuss with the onboard camera screen.

It also served as an excellent third monitor for live episodes of My Take Radio where it could be used as a dedicated chat room screen. Overall, the M-155 served as more than a gaming screen during our review period.

Using the M-155 for our My Take Radio live chat. The M-155 is a perfect 2nd or 3rd monitor.

My Take:

There are ample portable screens on the market but there are very few that give gamers a viable alternative to owning Gaems Vanguard unit when it comes to gaming on the go. The added benefit of using this with your desktop, laptop or camera increase the overall value of this monitor. I hope that Gaems adds some small speakers into their next version as this will surely add to the overall value of the monitor.

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