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Final Fantasy VII Remake: Square Enix Hates Fans


Final Fantasy VII had an HD trailer teasing a remake back in 2005 when everyone was anticipating the release of the PlayStation 3. People lost their minds thinking, “Oh my God, this would look so amazing on that new console!” Yet the game never came. To pour Xenomorph spit on the wounds, Square Enix, released a trailer in 2009 at e3 that made people think it was finally happening. We saw the old cutscenes from the PS1/PC game and we were all on the edge of our seats thinking at some point it would change over to HD graphics. . . but that did not happen. They announced that Final Fantasy VII, the original game in all its non-HD glory was coming to PS3 in its original format.

I for one wanted to hit someone as I own a launch PS3 that plays PS1 games. This meant absolutely nothing to me.

Fast forward to June 2015 – e3 comes and Square Enix shows us a trailer that starts to open eyes, but no one is jumping yet because we know how they trick us. They said it: A Final Fantasy HD remake was finally coming. Fans lost their minds and all we wanted to know was when we could get our grubby little hands on it. Now it is December 2015 and this year's PSX showed us some gameplay of the game. We found out that the Active Time Battle system would be replaced with one more akin to Final Fantasy XIII.

Nobody cared – just give us the game. All we want to know is when we can get our grubby little hands on it.

Not even a full day later, Square Enix does it again. They give us colorful rainbows of wonder and PISS ALL OVER THEM. The good people of Square Enix have announced that the one remake we have actually been asking for the last ten or more years, the game that was one game, albeit three or four discs (depending on your version), was going to be released on the PlayStation 4 in parts.

. . . wait, WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?

In parts folks. Final Fantasy VII part 1 and so on. We do not even know how many parts they plan to break the game up into. All I do know is that we need to complain the way we did when they tried to run that crappy Deus Ex pre-order campaign and get one complete game made. Unfortunately, that won't happen. You will all buy it anyway. This is the reality of the world we live in.