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Dying Light Is Hungry In 2016


Dying Light, one of the first games that I, for one, truly enjoyed in 2015 is looking to the future. Fans of the catastrophe in Harran are anxiously awaiting the expansion, Dying Light: The Following. Techland has gone on record saying that when they release The Following, they do not want to release a standard game of the year edition Dying Light package that includes the new story. On February 9, 2016, they will release in stores and digitally “Dying Light: The Following,” a full release including Dying Light: Enhanced Edition and Dying Light: The Following. The Enhanced edition is not some graphical overhaul of the original game. I mean, it is, but it is also:

The full Dying Light/Following release will retail for $59.99 and if you have never played Dying Light, this is the version to wait for. If you already have Dying Light and the Season Pass, you have the option to just wait for The Following to be released. If you have the game but not the Season Pass, buy it today while it is $20 because it goes up to $30 later this month. I am of the belief that the so-called Dead Island 2 pushed its release back to 2016 because it wanted no parts of a competition with Dying Light. Well, 2016 is almost here and the real Dead Island sequel is still killing dead things with more and more style! Here is some new gameplay of Dying Light: The Following. I hope to see you online in February.