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Final Fantasy XV Gameplay: Don’t Kick the Moogle!

If you are a Final Fantasy fan, you love Moogles. Even they annoy the crap out of you, you love the Moogles. Right now you are already hearing the “kupo” sound in your head. So what does Square Enix have in store for us in Final Fantasy XV  with respect to Moogles?

Well, you know how I said that even if you hate the Moogles, you love them? This might be more for those that hate the Moogles. Cover your eyes if you really love your Moogles, kupo. Final Fantasy XV is not going to be nice to this one particular version. Honestly, you might do the most damage yourself.

Final Fantasy XV - Decoy Moogle

Abuse a Moogle Day, I mean the launch of Final Fantasy XV is November 29, 2016. Get it for PC, PS4 or Xbox One.