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HITMAN: 5 Days (Season Finale Countdown)

HITMAN - The Complete First Season

Apologies to the R.A.G.E. Works audience. A lot of LIFE happened yesterday and I missed the Tuesday HITMAN video for Paris. That means we double up today as we bring you the countdown video for yesterday and today in one shot!

The Paris episode, titled “Showstopper” is arguably the favorite mission of the HITMAN community. Today's video will show you the locale that fights it for the top spot. Poison, fireworks, explosions, vampires and toilets? Yes, Paris holds a lot of memories for the many agents around the world. To this day, it is the most used location for Elusive Targets and endeared many a new player to the HITMAN franchise.

Sapienza is a small fictional town set in Italy. “World of Tomorrow” is the only mission thus far set in a fictional place. Sapienza is known as the “Jewel of the Amalfi Coast.” It is the largest gamespace in HITMAN 2016 and I do not know anyone that does not love it. A ridiculous amount of different ways to complete the mission including some of the greatest disguises in the game and the first (found) big Easter egg. Sapienza definitely has a fond place in the heart of this HITMAN.

In five days, Hokkaido has a chance to take the top spot as the season finale of HITMAN goes live october 31, 2016.